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Interdiction and Confirmation

A Navy ship with air support from a helicopter approaches a freighter
Description: Painting, Oil on Canvas Board; by John Charles Roach; 1991; Framed Dimensions 34H X 26W
Accession #: 91-049-C
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USS O'Brian (DD-975), is moving in close to the Star of South America.  Only by a close look can USS O'Brian inspect the weld marks of the ship.  Weld marks are as unique as a finger print in identifying a ship.  USS O'Brian is looking to see if the name on the ship's transom matches its welds, or if it has been altered recently in an attempt to disguise the ship.

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  • Art
Wars & Conflicts
  • Persian Gulf War 1990-1991
  • nhhc-wars-conflicts:persion-gulf=war
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