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Taking Aim, Dangerous Game

A corpsman looks through the scope of his rifle
Description: Painting, Oil on Canvas; by Morgan Ian Wilbur; 2006; Framed Dimension 25H X 21W
Accession #: 2006-086-03
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No matter the job within the Navy, all sailors must be proficient with a gun.  The unknown and the unexpected could appear at any time.  This medical corps officer raises his gun to watch for the unfamiliar and prepare for the unidentified. 


While visiting the Group Aid Station at Camp Falluja Iraq in 2005, I accompanied its Commanding Officer, CDR Steven Galeski, Medical Service Corps, enroute to a facility outside the camp. After we got out of our vehicles Galeski noticed unusual movement in the bushes. It turned out to be adolescents playing hide and seek in the shrubbery, a dangerous game so near a military post.

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