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Sandbox Stop

A man in uniform stands on the runway, in the background is a C-130 airplane. A sand storm is causing an orange light
Description: Painting, Oil on Canvas; by Morgan Ian Wilbur; 2009; Framed Dimension 17H X 32W
Accession #: 2009-020-06
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This scene depicts Lt. Dallas Braham, U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, standing in front of a Marine C-130 Hercules from VMGR-452 at an airfield in Iraq. Before he was commissioned, Braham was a naval air crewman flying in P-3 Orions. He was excited when he learned that we would spend an entire day flying in this C-130. As we rode in the cockpit, flying fast and low over Iraq, I looked over to see his face beaming with the thrill of tactical flying again.

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  • Art
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  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
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