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Helping Hands

A man in uniform pushes a little boy on a playground swing
Description: Painting, Oil on Canvas; by Morgan Ian Wilbur; 2007; Framed Dimension 25H X 29W
Accession #: 2007-055-01
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While in Baghdad, Iraq in 2006, I asked to visit with Navy personnel serving with Army units. I chose to portray this Navy Petty Officer for several reasons. First, he was serving with a U.S. Army Civil Affairs Unit. Navy folks serving with Army units in Iraq wear Army uniforms. The sign that he is Navy is the small “crow” tab indicating his rank. The other reason is that he is helping an Iraqi child enjoy some fun on a playground at the edge of one of our bases in this ancient city. Our military built this playground at a medical clinic for the children of Iraqis who would come in for medical help.

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  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
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