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Meet Your Schedules For Victory, the Toughest Job Is Still Ahead

Meet your schedules for victory; the toughest job is still ahead! “The most crucial test of our combined strength is still before us” Admiral Ernst J. King USN Commander-in-Chief US Fleet. “The Battle of the Atlantic is still a ‘round the clock fight” Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll USN Commander-in –Chief Atlantic Fleet. “Let’s not talk Victory while there’s a single Jap ship afloat and fighting” Admiral Chester W. Nimitz USN Commander-in Chief Pacific Fleet
Description: Poster; by U.S. Government Printing Office; 1943; Unframed Dimensions 40H X 29W
Accession #: 76-051-A
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Admiral King supported the “Germany First “ policy, but he insisted that the Pacific Fleet receive adequate resources to prevent the Japanese from consolidating their victories.

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