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Wild Goose II (S. P. 562)

(MB: l. 33'6"; b. 10'0"; dr. 2'9"; s. 10.0 k.; a. 1 mg.)

Wild Goose II, a wooden-hulled motor boat-was built at Marblehead, Mass., by W. H. Chamberlain and was acquired by the Navy from Winthrop C. Winslow of Boston, Mass. Assigned the classification S. P. 891, Wild Goose II was delivered to the Navy on 7 July 1917.

There are no deck logs extant for Wild Goose II nor any other records indicating whether or not the craft was ever placed in commission. She apparently operated in the 1st Naval District, as the 1 November 1918 issue of the Navy Directory lists the ship's post office address as the 1st Naval District. To avoid confusion with Wild Goose (S. P. 562), the Navy took away the vessel's name, Wild Goose II, and retained only the designation, S. P. 891, in accordance with Navy General Order No. 386, dated 11 April 1918. S. P. 891 was dropped from the Navy list in 1920, and her subsequent fate is a mystery.

Published: Wed Feb 17 15:31:06 EST 2016