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(ARS-26: dp. 1,940; l. 213'6"; b. 30'; dr. 14'4"; s. 14.8 k.; cpl. 120; a. 4 40mm. AA; cl. Diver)

Seize was laid down on 28 September 1943 by the Basalt Rock Co., Napa, Calif.; launched on 8 April 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Louis Perkins; and commissioned at Vallejo, Calif., on 3 November 1944, Lt. Herman B. Conrad in command.

Following repairs and shakedown, the salvage ship reported for duty on 11 May 1945 at San Francisco. On 2 June, Seize arrived off the entrance to Pearl Harbor with three pontoon bridges in tow. Reporting to Service Force Squadron 2 for duty, Seize spent a busy first month in repairs, carrying out radar-jamming experiments, patrolling, and towing.

On 10 July, the salvage vessel got underway with APL-43 in tow for the Marshall Islands, arriving at Eniwetok on the 22d. Seize departed Eniwetok on 4 August, with PB-46 in tow and accompanied by Avoyel (ATF-150). She reached Guam on 13 August.

On 14 August, still towing PB-46, Seize got underway in convoy for Okinawa Shima. Anchoring there on the 22d, she was relieved of PB-46 the next day, and assisted in salvaging Oberrender (DE-344) from 27 August to 11 September.

Seize departed Okinawa on 17 September. Arriving by convoy at Shanghai two days later, the salvage ship assisted port activity there by searching for a lost anchor, and aiding Waller (DD-466) in switching berths. On 10 October, Seize departed Shanghai in company with PC-491 for Pusan, Korea. After sinking two horned mines by gunfire en route, the ship reached Pusan on the 13th. Two similar mines were sunk while Seize returned to Shanghai on 16 October.

Seize worked along the Yangtze, removing obstacles, salvaging, towing, and searching, for the remainder of the year. On 22 October en route to Kichow, the salvage ship was fired upon by a machinegun near a small Yangtze village. She returned fire with 40 millimeter and .50 caliber rounds, and proceeded on her way one-half hour later when all had quieted down. One direct hit was received on her foremast and several ricocheted hits were found on the port side, but there was no other damage to the ship or crew.

On 26 and 28 January 1946, Seize replanted the mooring buoy at the Naval Seaplane Area at Lunghwa. On 11, 18, and 20 February and on 4, 7, 21, and 29 March, Seize laid an underwater telephone cable from San Clemente (AG-79) to the Naval Operating Base, Shanghai.

Seize departed Chinese waters on 31 March, anchoring at Yokosuka, Japan, on 4 April. The salvage ship picked up APL-31 in tow on the 8th, and set course for the Hawaiian Islands, arriving at Pearl Harbor on the 26th.

Seize arrived at San Francisco on 4 June. Decommissioned and transferred to the Coast Guard on 28 June 1946, she was struck from the Navy list on 13 November 1946.

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