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Point Barrow

(AKD-1: dp. 10,320 (f).; l. 465-6-; b. 74-2-; d. 19-14-; s. 15.3 k.; Cpl. 67; a. none; cl. Point Barrow)

Northernmost point in Alaska above the Arctic Circle.

Point Barrow, a cargo ship dock, was laid down 18 September 1956 by Maryland Drydock and Shipbuilding Company, Baltimore, Md.; launched 25 May 1957; sponsored by Mrs. Ruthven E. Libbey; and delivered to MSTS 29 May 1958.

Especially designed for Arctic operations, Point Barrow is constructed along the general lines of a landing ship dock, but with strengthened hull and bow, and special insulation. After providing logistic support for U.S. forces in the Arctic, in 1962, Point Barrow transported huge fixed array radar antennas for Enterprise and Long Beach to the East Coast.

After extensive modification in June 1965, Point Barrow carried Saturn rockets from California to Cape Kennedy for NASA's manned space flight program. T-AKD-1 also ferried LCM-s to Southeast Asia in 1968 and 1969.

Published: Mon Aug 24 08:01:28 EDT 2015