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Oneida III (Yacht)

(Yacht: dp. 150; l. 110'11"; b. 18'6"; dr. 7'6"; s. 12 k.)

Counties in Idaho, New York and Wisconsin. Name originates from an Iroquoian Indian tribe (Oneida) living in New York state and its environs.


Oneida, a converted yacht, was built in 1896 by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Me.; ex-Illawara, she was renamed Oneida 22 April 1898; commissioned 30 April 1898; purchased 31 May 1898 from Mr. Eugene Tompkins; she decommissioned 19 September 1898. Re-commissioned 14 September 1912, she was stationed with the Naval Militia of the District of Columbia (relieving monitor USS Ozark) and served in that capacity until she decommissioned 26 September 1912. In 1914 she was serving at the Naval Disciplinary Barracks, Port Royal, S. C.

Oneida was struck from the Naval Register 8 November 1915 and sold to the Pilot's Assn. of Charleston, S. C.; renamed H. P. Williams, she was re-acquired 27 June 1917 under a free lease agreement and commissioned 6 August 1917 as S. P. 509.

S. P. 509 was returned to her owner 26 December 1918: no record of service.

Oneida (S. P. 432), a steam yacht, was to be acquired by the Navy for service on section patrol during World War I, but was not taken over.

Published: Wed Feb 10 15:29:45 EST 2016