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Grampus IV (S. P. 1708)

The grampus is a large cetacean (Grampus griseus) of the "blackfish family" commonly referred to as Risso's dolphin. Found in warm seas throughout the world, the dolphin has a blunt head, barrel-shaped body and ranges in color from grey to black. Risso's dolphins swim in groups of 3-50 animals and prefer offshore waters, where they hunt squid, octopi and fish.


(S. P. 1708: length 126 feet)

The fourth Grampus, originally Boothbay, was built by Neafie and Levy, Philadelphia; purchased from the Eastern Steamship Line of Boston; and commissioned 14 December 1917 at the Boston Navy Yard. Her name was changed to Grampus November 1920. Assigned to ferry service between the Washington Navy Yard and the Naval Proving Ground at Indian Head, Md., and Dahlgren, Va., Grampus made daily ferry trips carrying an average of 50 passengers each way per day. Decommissioned 11 December 1930, the ferry was struck from the Navy List on 30 December 1930 and later sold to the Buxton Line of Norfolk, Va.


03 September 2004

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