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Elizabeth II (S.P. 1092)


The Navy retained the name carried by this vessel at the time of her acquisition.


(S.P. 1092: length 55'0" (overall), beam 11'0"; draft 2'8" (mean); speed 13.5 knots; armament 1 1-pounder, 1 machine gun)

The second Elizabeth—a motor boat built at Galveston, Texas, by the Gulf Fisheries Company— was acquired by the Navy from W. L. Moody, Jr., of Galveston, Texas, and, given the identification number S.P. 1092, served in a non-commissioned status [in service] in the Eighth Naval District during the Great War [World War I], performing section patrol duties.

On 15 November 1918, just four days after the Armistice, Elizabeth was wrecked on a jetty at the mouth of the Brazos River, near Freeport, Texas, at around 5:40 p.m. that day. Sea. Mack M. Shockley and SCk2c Tony Baynes drowned in the mishap.

Elizabeth was stricken from the Navy Register on 15 November 1918.

Robert J. Cressman

25 August 2022

Published: Thu Aug 25 23:04:04 EDT 2022