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Bobylu (S. P. 1513)


The Navy retained the name carried by this craft at the time she was acquired.

(S. P. 1513: displacement 6; length 35'10"; beam 10'18"; draft 2'2" (aft); speed 7.0 miles per hour; complement 4)

Bobylu, a wooden-hulled motor boat built in 1915 at Davis, N.C. by Bob Willis, was inspected by the Navy in the Fifth Naval District and ordered taken over on 15 October 1917 from her prewar owners, the North Carolina Fisheries Commission, Morehead City, N.C.

Delivered on 22 October 1917 and assigned the identification number S. P. 1513, Bobylu was operated by the Navy under a free lease at Norfolk, Va., on "general service" through the end of hostilities with the Central Powers. Ordered returned to her owners on 26 September 1918, she was decommissioned and stricken from the Navy Register on 31 December 1918.

She was returned to the North Carolina Fisheries Commission on 8 January 1919.

Robert J. Cressman

Updated, 24 January 2024

Published: Wed Jan 24 16:37:46 EST 2024