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Arco II (ARDM)

(ARDM-5: l. 492'; b. 96'; height 61'; lifting capacity 7,800 tons; cl. Arco)


A town in south central Idaho. It is the seat of government for Butte County and is located near the site of the Lost River Nuclear Reactor Testing Station established in 1949.


The second Arco (ARDM-5), a medium auxiliary repair drydock, was laid down on 9 May 1983 at Seattle, Wash., by the Todd-Pacific Shipyards Corp.; launched on 14 December 1984; delivered to the Navy at Bremerton, Wash., on 27 February 1986; towed to San Diego between 19 and 27 March 1986; and placed in service at the Naval Station, San Diego, on 23 June 1986, Comdr. Richard A. Riddle in command.

Arco completed final contract trials at San Diego late in August 1986. The floating drydock then began active service in support of the Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet, under the immediate supervision of the Commander, Submarine Group 5. As of the beginning of 1987, she was still drydocking and repairing units of the Pacific Fleet Submarine Force at the Submarine Base, San Diego.

Published: Thu Jun 18 10:01:41 EDT 2015