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Fleet Ballistic Missiles

Poster with images of Fleet Ballistic Missiles: A1, Year 1960, Length (FT) 28.5, Diameter (IN) 24, Weight (LB) 28,800, Range (NM) 1200. A2, Year 1962, Length (FT) 31.0, Diameter (IN) 54, Weight (LB) 32,500, Range 1500.  A3, Year 1964, Length (FT) 32.3, Diameter (IN) 54, Weight (LB) 35,700, Range 2500. C3, Year 1971, Length (FT) 34.0, Diameter (IN) 74, Weight (LB) 65,000, Range 2500. C4, Year 1979, Length (FT) 34.0, Diameter (IN) 74, Weight (LB) 65,000, Range 4000.
Caption: This image is copyrighted
Description: Poster, Artist Unknown; 1989; Unframed Dimensions 16H X 20W
Accession #: 2001-026-11
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Burke created a “Special Project Office” for the development of a Fleet Ballistic Missile capable of sea launch in 1955.  In the Cold War nuclear arms race, submarines armed with ballistic missiles were viewed as a deterrence to conflict, because retaliation could be guaranteed.  Between 1958 and 1965 the Navy had 41 ballistic missile submarines built, the “41 For Freedom.”

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