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Amphibious Construction Battalion Information

The Amphibious Construction Battalions are commissioned naval units organized to provide support for a reinforced infantry division landing over four battalion size beaches. Tactically, the ACB operates as small task elements of an amphibious task force. These task elements are tailored teams and detachments each manned and equipped to handle one phase of the assault over a numbered, battalion size, and beach. In the construction support of amphibious assault operations, the ACB provides methods for troop and equipment movement from ship to shore. In addition, it also provides related back-up measures such as tanker-to-shore POL pipelines and methods and techniques for unhampered beach crossing.

A permanently commissioned naval unit, subordinate to the Commander, Naval Beach Group, designed to provide an administrative unit from which personnel and equipment are formed in tactical elements and made available to appropriate commanders to operate pontoon causeways, transfer barges, warping tugs, and assault bulk fuel systems, and to meet salvage requirements of the naval beach party. Also called PHIBCB.