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Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

Navy’s 245th Birthday “Thank a Sailor!” Video Campaign

How to Create a Social Media Video

As a growing number of celebrations are becoming digital due to social distancing guidelines for COVID-19, this is a great opportunity to commemorate the Navy’s 245th Birthday by sharing stories through social media.

This year we are inviting all Americans to “Thank a Sailor!” by posting a short, 10-second video thanking either a Sailor in your life or all U.S. Navy Sailors. From 1775 through today, American Sailors have stood the watch with honor, courage and commitment – this year, on the Navy’s 245th birthday, show your appreciation for their unwavering commitment to excellence!

Once you’ve shot your video, post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using one or both of these handles: #VictoryAtSea and #245NavyBirthday.

We’ll share a selection of these videos on our social media channels.

If your social media profile is private, we won’t be able to see what content you tag. If you prefer to keep your profile private, please send us a Direct Message (DM) of your “Thank a Sailor” video. When recording your video please adhere to OPSEC guidelines. A Sailor’s name, rank, and command are okay, but sharing details about locations or missions may be a violation of OPSEC.

Please note: by using our hashtags when posting your video, you are agreeing to let us post your video on our social media channels.

Ready to get started? Here are a few quick tips to help you post a great video:


Tell a story and try to make your video personal.

Clearly define the subject of your video when using the theme of “Thank a Sailor.” Be sure to only include:

  • Sailor’s Name
  • Ship/Installation
  • Rate/Rank
  • Plan what to say. Here are a few examples:
    • “This is John Doe and I want to thank my Sailor, ABE2 John Paul Jones, who works on board USS Nimitz. Thank you for your service, Son/Daughter/Mom/Dad/Sailor!”
    • “Happy Birthday U.S. Navy! This year, I want to send a special thank you to Commander XYZ for serving. Victory at sea for the U.S. Navy is driven by the valor of American Sailors like you!”


We want to clearly hear and understand your story.

We recommend your video be shot as a “selfie,” where you take a video of yourself. However, if you use a tripod or ask someone to film you, make sure you’re no more than six feet away from your smartphone: the closer you are to its internal microphone, the more easily you’ll be heard!


When it is time to roll the camera, make sure you’re seen in the best light!

  • Use even, natural light — such as soft light from a window or an outdoor setting. Avoid standing directly in front a bright light source (like an open window), as that will often result in a silhouette rather than a clear image.
  • Shoot your video in a vertical format, and be sure your video is no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Be sure to remove any personally identifiable items, such as name badges or ID cards!


Published: Wed Feb 10 17:31:00 EST 2021