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2017 Navy Birthday Archived Commemoration Content

2017 Navy Birthday Commemoration Videos
The following videos are provided in 16:9 and 4:3 formats to best support the audiovisual equipment you have. If you are in doubt about the capabilities of your audiovisual equipment, recommend trying both formats to see which one works best with your equipment.

2017 Navy Birthday Commemoration Posters 

Download the posters below to share on social media or to print and display around command spaces.

This series of posters, which when placed near one another, highlights historic Navy events from the Navy Birthday Highlights and Images section of this toolkit. In addition to being shareable on social and other properties, they're useful for posting around command spaces, and they can used as complimentary decoration at you conduct Navy Birthday events. 

2017 Navy Birthday Commemoration Social Media Posters 

Poster 1

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Published: Thu Aug 16 18:37:25 EDT 2018