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Scripts, Speeches, and Messages 

Archived Commemoration Resources from previous commemorations can be found in Archived Content.

Below are the CNO and MCPON 2022 Navy Birthday message, and the 2022 SECNAV message. The 248th CNO and MCPON Navy Birthday message, and 248th SECNAV Navy Birthday message, will be posted when they become available. Please consult the 248th Navy Birthday Communication Plan for information on the 2023 commemoration. 

CNO and MCPON Wish the Navy a Happy 247th Birthday



SECNAV Del Toro's 247th Navy Birthday Message

Navy Birthday Ceremony Templates

Navy Birthday Reception and Bell Ringing Ceremony (Word document download)

Navy Birthday Cake Cutting Script (Word document download)




Published: Fri Aug 25 17:18:46 EDT 2023