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Today in Naval History
July 6
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1747 - John Paul Jones is born in Arbigland, Scotland.
On This Day


John Paul Jones is born in Arbigland, Scotland. Originally appointed to the Continental Navy in 1775, he is known for his quote, Ive not yet begun to fight! during the battle between Continental frigate, Bonhomme Richard, and HMS Serapis on Sept. 23, 1779.


During the Spanish-American War, the auxiliary-cruiser USS Dixie captures the Spanish vessels, Three Bells, Pilgrim, and Greeman Castle, off Cape Cruz, Cuba.


Following the Allied landing on New Georgia, the Japanese attempt to land reinforcements with 10 destroyers, resulting in the Battle of Kula Gulf. In the battle, USS Helena (CL 50) is hit by three torpedoes, breaks apart, and sinks, with nearly 170 of her crew lost.


USS Paddle (SS 263) attacks a Japanese convoy northwest of Halmahera and sinks destroyer Hokaze off Sangi Island. Also on this date, USS Sealion (SS 315) attacks a Japanese convoy in the East China Sea and sinks merchant passenger cargo ship Setsuzan Maru off Ningpo, China while USS Tang (SS 306) sinks Japanese freighter Dori Maru in Chosen Bay.