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Today in Naval History
February 19
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2005 - Fast Attack Submarine USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) is commissioned.
On This Day


President William McKinley signs an Executive Order placing Tutuila (Samoa) and nearby islands placed the Navy Department.


The Japanese attack Darwin, Australia in the largest attack by a foreign power on that country. USS Peary (DD 226), as well as an Army transport and freighter sink in the raid, as well as a number of Australian and British vessels.


The overnight Battle of Badoeng Strait begins when the allied naval force (ABDA) commanded by Dutch Rear Adm. W.F.M. Doorman engaged the Japanese in an attempt to stop the invasion force in Bali. USS Stewart (DE 238) is damaged.


Following pre-invasion naval gunfire and aerial bombardment, U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima, securing the island on March 16. Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz describes the invasion, from which 27 Medals of Honor are given, as one where uncommon valor was a common virtue.