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Rear Admiral William B. Fletcher, Commander, Patrol Squadrons in France, Order to Commanding Officers





Flag Office

Brest, France 

13 Oct. 1917  

Group Op. Ord. No. 17.

FORCE: U. S. S. Corsair, Aphrodite, Wakiva, Alcedo.1

     2.   U. S. Supply Transports BUFORD, CITY OF SAVANNAH are ready at Brest, bound for St. Nazaire.

     U. S. Transports CITY OF ATLANTA, WILLEHAD, ANTILLES  and HENDERSON will be ready at St. Nazaire Monday, October 15th.

     3.   (a)  Proceed to Roscanvel Bay this afternoon, October 13th, sail with BUFORD and CITY OF SAVANNAH as early as possible morning of October 14th, and escort them to St. Nazaire.

          (b)  From St. Nazaire escort the four vessels which will be ready there to 13° West Longitude, or further if warnings make it necessary.

          (e)  Report positions by bearing and distance from Sailor

          (d)  Return to Brest.

W. B. Fletcher.    

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 125, Entry 30, Records of the Officer of the Judge Advocate General (Navy), Box 246. Document number; “16g.” Addressed below close: ‘To; Division Commander,/Commanding OfficersAphrodite, Wakiva/Corsair, Alcedo./Copies to:/Commandant Superieur, C.D.P.B./Ministry of Marine./Vice Admiral [William S.] Sims./Captain [Richard H.] Jackson.”

Footnote 1: Lt. Cmdr. Ralph P. Craft, Commander, Aphrodite; Lt. Cmdr. Thomas R. Kurtz, Commander, Wakiva; Lt. Cmdr. Thomas A. Kittinger, Commander, Corsair; Lt. Cmdr. William T. Conn Jr., Commander, Alcedo.

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