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First Sea Lord Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, R.N., to Commodore Guy R. Gaunt, British Naval Attaché in Washington, D.C.

Cross-Channel Transport.

TELEGRAM NO. 518         Date 20-10-17.

TO:  COMMODORE GAUNT               SENT 2340.

518. It has been suggested that there may be vessels on the U.S. Coastal Service which would be suit<able> for carrying troops on Fer<r>y Services in the Mediter<r>anea<n> or across English Channel. Any such vessels would be of great assistance and Admiralty would be most grateful if the matter could be given consideration and that they may be informed of any such ships and whether they can be spared.

     The following rough specifications of type of vessels required are given:-

     Tons gross 2000 to 3000, but smaller vessels will do for Cross Channel Service. Speed 15 knots and upwards for Mediter<r>anean and 18 knots and upwards for Cross Channel. Sufficient bunker capacity for 2000 miles in the Mediter<r>anean and 300 miles for Cross Channell. They should be of as light draught as possible commensurate with good sea-keeping qualities, 12 to 15 feet draught being the maximum for Cross Channel troopships. The vessels should be capable of adaption as troopships and have if possible cabin accommodation.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Following the close is a list of to whom copies of this telegram should be sent: “I.S.L./D.I.S.L. [Deputy First Seal Lord Sir Henry F. Oliver]/[Vice-]Admiral [William S.] Sims.”

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