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Diary of Commander Joseph K. Taussig


Oct 12

[at sea, off Queenstown, Ireland]


on Friday the Crocus did not succeed in making contact so I directed her by wireless to return to Queenstown.1 The Uxmoor is the second vessel of the convoy which dropped by the wayside, The other, the “City of Madras,” was left behind before the destroyers joined. I do not know whether the Uxmoor had engine troubles or whether the Captain decided it was too rough for him and hove to. Our instructions say that vessels which cannot keep up on account of engine troubles will be left behind. I think that vessels which heave to when others of the same class or even smaller can continue on the course should be abandoned too.2

Received wireless reports that the Irish Sea was closed on account of submarine activities — this was on Thursday [October 11]. On Saturday received report that Irish sea was again open.

Source Note: D, NWC, Joseph K. Taussig Papers, Mss. Collection 97, Box 16, Taussig Diary 1917, p. 173.

Footnote 1: H.M.S. sloop Crocus.

Footnote 2: For more on Uxmoor, see: Taussig to William S. Sims, 19 October 1917.