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NH 52764 Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

Photo #: NH 52764  Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island
Description: The Class of 1916 is pictured in order: 1. Captain William B. Fletcher, USN; 2. Lieutenant Commander Edward T. Constien, USN; 3. Rear Admiral Austin M. Knight, USN; 4. Lieutenant Commander William S. Pye, USN; 5. Commander Charles T. Vogelgesang, USN; 6. Captain Herman O. Stickney, USN; 7. Mr. Terrence R. Cowie; 8. Rear Admiral Cameron M. Winslow, USN; 9. Commander Louis A. Kaiser, USN; 10. Captain Nathan C. Twining, USN; 11. Commander William K. Harrison, USN; 12. Mr. William W. Gilbert; 13. Captain Charles P. Plunkett, USN; 14. Captain William L. Howard, USN; 15. Mr. William Evans; 16. Captain Benjamin F. Hutchinson, USN; 17. Captain Thomas P. Magruder, USN; 18. Captain William D. MacDougall, USN; 19. Commander William C. Cole, USN; 20. Commander William W. Phelps, USN; 21. Lieutenant Gordon W. Haines, USN; 22. Commander Walter S. Turpin, USN; 23. Lieutenant Commander Walter R. Sexton, USN; 24. Lieutenant Commander Henry D. Cooke, USN; 25. Captain Edward Simpson, USN; 26. Lieutenant Commander Robert Wallace, USN; 27. Captain Clares S. Williams, USN; 28. Commander Ivan C. Wettengel, USN; 29. Commander Dewitt Blamer, USN; 30. Colonel John Ruckman, USMC; 31. LIeutenant Commander Samuel I. M. Major, USN; 32. Lieutenant Junior Grade Hartwell C. Davis, USN; 33. Mr. William J. Miles; 34. Commander Montgomery M. Taylor, USN; 35. Mr. Horace A. Field; 36. Major George C. Thorpe, USMC; 37. Lieutenant Commander William D. Puleston, USN; 38. Rear Admiral Augustus F. Fechteler, USN; 39. Lieutenant Commander Harry E. Yarnell, USN; 40. Captain John D. McDonald, USN; 41. Commander Thomas T. Craven, USN; and 42. Lieutenant Commander Zachariah H. Madison, USN Collection of Rear Admiral Clarence S. Williams, USN
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