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Bombardment of Kamaishi, Japan, 14 July 1945

US Navy Ships

These pages contain a selection of imagery on U.S. Navy ships throughout the years. It is not intended to be a definitive, all-inclusive list of ships. While our collection is large, we do not possess photos of every ship that has ever served in the U.S. Navy. New ship photos and pages will be added over time.


If you do not find the ship you are looking for on these pages, we encourage you to use this website’s Search function, located at the top right of each page. When looking for photos of a ship, first try searching for the name, and include USS without periods between the letters. Be sure to also search by variations on the ship’s hull number. For example, the aircraft carrier USS Midway was initially designated CVB-41, and was later changed to CVA-41 and CV-41.