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Icebreaking: The Way Through the Bay
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Icebreaking: The Way Through the Bay

Upon arriving at Antarctica on 27 December, the icebreakers, U.S.S. Glacier (AGB-4) and U.S.S. Edisto (AGB-2) led U.S.S. Wyandot (AKA-92) and U.S.S. Nespelen (A0G-55) to a mooring point in McMurdo Sound. Then U.S.S. Glacier directed the flagship, U.S.S. Arneb (AKA-56) and U.S.N.S. Greenville Victory (TAK-239) to Kainan Bay and Little America. Radio towers, supplies and old structures, remnants from earlier expeditions, now half-buried in snow and ice, were discernible as Task Force 43 approached Little America.