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Sinking Of IJN Mikuma

Two ships in the foreground with heavy smoke coming from all over both ships.  A third ship in the far background is also heavy with smoke there are splashes of water all around the ships
Description: Painting, Oil on Wood; by John Hamilton; C. 1975; Framed Dimensions 32H X 44W
Accession #: 80-142-A
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During the night of 5 June 1942, the Japanese cruiser Mogami and Mikuma collided with each other while withdrawing from the Battle of Midway.  One day later they were noticed and attacked by American aircraft.  Also visible is the destroyer Arashi near the damaged cruiser.  While Mogami and 2 other screening destroyers were able to escape, IJN Mikuma sank.

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  • World War II 1939-1945
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