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<p>Capture of the British Sloop of War Frolic of 24 Guns by the US Sloop of War Wasp of 18 Guns</p>

USS Wasp vs HMS Frolic

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USS Wasp vs HMS Frolic

USS Wasp versus HMS Frolic was an action fought in the Atlantic on October 18th 1812, the sloop-of-war USS Wasp, was commanded by Master Commandant Jacob Jones, and the brig-sloop Frolic, was under Commander Thomas Whinyates.

There was strong wind blowing causing a heavy sea on the day of the battle. Both vessels carried a main armament of short-range carronades. There was no attempt at maneuvering to gain advantage before the fight. They closed to within hail range and opened fire. The Wasp's crew fired low, into their opponent's hull, while the Frolic's gunners fired high, to disable their enemy's rigging. As the action continued, the ships closed together.

After 22 minutes, Wasp's rigging was damaged, making the ship unmanageable. Frolic was severely damaged, and the crew had suffered heavy casualties. With both vessels incapable of being handled, Wasp drew slightly ahead and Frolic collided with the American ship. Wasp fired a final raking broadside. Then the American sailors boarded Frolic to find that every British officer and over half the crew were wounded or dead. The Americans captured the British vessel, but shortly thereafter both vessels were captured by a British ship of the line which happened upon the scene of the battle.