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Navy Recruiting Posters of the Atomic Age

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Navy Recruiting Posters of the Atomic Age

The end of World War II saw significant changes in the world of art and graphic design - the end of hostilities along with economic prosperity brought forth a more futuristic outlook.  This new look forward became the style we now call Mid Century Modern.  With the Navy moving way from direct warfare along with new themes in private advertising campaigns, they hired Joseph Binder as the head of the recruiting graphics department.  Mr. Binder was one of the founders of Mid Century Modern graphic design.  This style is characterized by minimalism, strong geometric shapes and bold color.  The themes incorporated in this new style focused on the future of technology, nuclear power, the onset of the Cold War and the fight against communism.  This exhibition is a collection of original paintings for recruiting posters as well as the posters themselves used by the Navy from 1946 to 1970.