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Linnet I (Brigantine)

(Brig: t. 350; l. 82'6"; b. 27'; dph. 6'8"; cpl. 125; a. 16 long 12-pdrs.)

The first Linnet retained her former name. The linnet is a small songbird of the finch family found in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Linnet, a 16-gun brig, was built in 1814 by the Royal Navy at Isle aux Nois, Canada, as Niagara. Renamed Linnet and commanded by Capt. D. Pring, RN, she joined Capt. George Downie's squadron, taking part in the Battle of Lake Champlain at Plattsburgh, N.Y., 11 September 1814.

Sailing down the bay, Linnet joined battle with the American brig Eagle, 18 guns, and in the fierce battle that ensued, did much damage to the American vessel until Commodore Thomas MacDonough's flagship Saratoga raked her with accurate fire, causing her to strike. The Americans repaired their prize and she was taken into the U.S. Navy. Because the War of 1812 was over by that time, Linnet was placed in ordinary at Whitehall, N.Y., until sold in 1825.

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