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Cape Lookout
(AK: dp. 10,505; l. 391'9"; b. 52'; dr. 23'11"; s. 11 k.; cpl. 62; a. 1 6", 1 3")

Points on the coasts of both North Carolina and Washington.

Cape Lookout (No. 3214) was launched in 1918 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Sparrows Point, Md.; acquired by the Navy 26 July 1918; commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commander R. O. Herbert, USNRF, in command; and reported to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service.

Between 10 August and 12 December 1918, Cape Lookout made two transatlantic voyages between Baltimore and New York and French ports, carrying supplies for the American Expeditionary Force. The cargo ship sailed from Baltimore on 24 January 1919, carrying 5,864 tons of flour to Trieste, Austria, as part of the relief assistance provided for the rebuilding of war-shattered Europe by the United States Food Administration. While homeward-bound Cape Lookout answered a distress call from USAT Melrose which had a disabled rudder. Cape Lookout took Melrose in tow for 2 days, until the latter could make repairs and proceed unassisted.

Cape Lookout returned to Baltimore 29 March 1919, and was decommissioned there 7 April 1919. She was returned to the Shipping Board the same day.