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African Americans in the U.S. Navy: A Bibliography


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Information about African Americans in the Navy is scattered among the following collections in the Operational Archives: the Immediate Office Files of the Director of the Navy Nurse Corps [30 boxes]; Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Women (WAVES papers) [34 boxes]; Records of the Special Assistant for Women's Policy, Bureau of Naval Personnel [22 boxes]; Navy Department Press Releases in the World War II and Post 1 January 1946 Command Files; and Personal Papers.

Unpublished Sources at the Naval Institute:

The Naval Institute's oral history collection includes John W. Lee, the first black officer commissioned in the regular Navy; six members of the Golden Thirteen: Samuel E. Barnes, George C. Cooper, William S. White, Graham E. Martin, John W. Reagan and Frank E. Sublett, Jr.; and interviews with the first WAVES officers and civilians involved with the WAVES program (2 vols.). Contact the U.S. Naval Institute for further information on purchasing oral histories from their collection. 

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