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Naval History and Heritage Command

Today in Naval History
January 14
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1911 - Battleship Arkansas (BB 33) is launched. After service in two world wars, she is a target ship for Bikini Atoll Atomic bomb tests.
On This Day


Navy General Order 4, signed by Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, announces the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, which is signed on Jan. 1, 1863.


USS Gudgeon (SS 211) lands six men, 2,000 pounds of equipment and supplies on Negros Island for first resupply mission for a submarine.


Five U.S. Navy submarines sink five different Japanese vessels in and around the Pacific Ocean. USS Albacore (SS 218) sinks Japanese destroyer Sazanami 300 miles off Yap; USS Scamp (SS 277) sinks the tanker Nippon Maru off Sorol Island; USS Guardfish (SS 217) sinks tanker Kenyo Maru southeast of Palau; USS Seawolf (SS 197) sinks tanker Yamazuru Maru off Okinawa, and USS Swordfish (SS 193) sinks transport Yamakuni Maru off Hachijo Jima.


USS Cobia (SS 245) sinks the Japanese minelayer Yurijima off the east coast of Malaya.


Amphibious Transport Dock USS San Antonio (LPD 17) is commissioned.