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Uniform Patch of the Seaplane Tender USS Currituck (AV-7)

Shoulder patch with a black duck at the center a red border and yellow field and blue lettering

Title: Ship Insignia Patch USS Currituck AV-7
Accession #: NHHC 1960-336-A
Circa: 1960
Size: 4" diameter
Medium: Fabric
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One ship insignia patch from USS Currituck (AV-7) Circular fabric patch with a yellow background and a silhouette of a black goose breaking the border of the circle. The patch is lined with a red border. The circular part of the patch is lined with a black border. There is blue lettering around the edge of the circle that reads USS CURRITUCK / AV-7.

The Seaplane Tender USS Currituck saw service from World War II through the Vietnam War. During Vietnam, the Currituck serviced planes for Operation Market Time. Her call sign was "Flying Goose". During this operation, she became the first ship in her class to carry out a shore bombardment against enemy positions in the Mekong Delta. Currituck returned to California in May 1967, thus completing the last combat tour for ships of her type. On 31 October 1967, USS Currituck became the last seaplane tender to be decommissioned from the US Navy.

Published: Wed Apr 10 11:39:14 EDT 2019