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Rutoma (S. P. 78)


This vessel retained the name she carried at the time of her acquisition.

(S. P. 78: tonnage 29; length 68'; beam 12'; draft 3'6"; depth of hold 5'9"; speed 12 knots; complement 9; armament 1 1-pounder, 2 machine guns)

Manchonac, built during 1910 at Morris Heights, N.Y., by Seabury Co., and later renamed Rutoma, was acquired on 18 April 1917 for U.S. Navy service as a patrol boat from her owner, Graham T. Thompson of New Haven, Conn.; and commissioned on 26 April 1917, Ens. George D. Atwood, USNRF, in command.

Rutoma patrolled in the Third Naval District during 1917 and 1918, operating in Long Island Sound and eastward to New Haven, Conn. Transferred to New York at war's end, Rutoma was rammed and sunk on 21 February 1918 by the tug. John L. Lewis off Pier No. 6 in the East River, N.Y. The boat was raised the following day by crews from the salvage vessel Resolute.

Rutoma was subsequently sold on 16 September 1919 to Reinhard Hall of Brooklyn, N.Y., and she remained on mercantile registers into the 1930's.

21 October 2005

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