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(ATR‑90: dp. 835; l. 143'; b. 33'10"; dr. 13'2"; s. 13 k. cpl. 45; a. 13", 4 20mm., 1 dcp.; cl. Maricopa)

An Indian people of the Gila River valley in Arizona; a county in southwest‑central Arizona.

Maricopa (ATR‑90) was laid down as BAT‑2 under a contract from General Motors Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, by Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works, Port Arthur, Tex., 29 May 1942; reclassified AT‑146 on 30 September 1942; launched 23 October 1942; reclassified ATR‑90 on 5 January 1943; and commissioned 20 January 1943, Lt. Comdr. Myron E. McFarland in command.

After shakedown, Maricopa began duty with the Service Force, Atlantic Fleet, out of Portland, Maine, towing target sleds in Casco Bay. She steamed down the Atlantic coast 7 March and assumed similar duties in Chesapeake Bay. Departing Norfolk 14 June, she sailed to Bermuda and on the 17th began duty with the DD‑DE Shakedown Task Group (TG 23.1). Operating out of Port Royal Bay and St. Georges Bay, she towed target sleds during shakedown gunnery exercises for destroyer types. Reclassified ATA‑146 on 15 May 1944, she served at Bermuda during the rest of World War II. After the defeat of the Axis nations, she returned to New York where she decommissioned 10 July 1946. She transferred to the Maritime Commission 17 October 1947. Transferred again at the end of month, she has served Argentina, as Yamana (A‑6), into 1969.


The name Maricopa was assigned to APA‑245, a Maritime Commission VC2‑S‑AP5 type, 26 April 1945; construction by Oregon Shipbuilding Corp., Portland, Oreg., was suspended 14 August 1945 and the Maritime Commission contract was canceled 19 August 1945.

Published: Wed Aug 05 15:25:11 EDT 2015