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Lake Damita
(Str: t. 1,447; l. 261'; b. 43'6"; dr. 21'; s. 9 k.; cpl. 52; a. 1 3")

Lake Damita was launched 26 June 1918 by American Shipbuilding Co., Detroit, Mich.; acquired by the Navy 2 August 1918, and commissioned the same day at Montreal, Canada, Lt. Comdr. Johannes Hanson in command.

Assigned to NOTS, Lake Damita joined a convoy at Sydney, Nova Scotia, and proceeded to Europe, arriving Havre, France, 3 September 1918. Sailing to Cardiff, Wales, she began a series of voyages carrying coal from the United Kingdom to French ports. While entering Brest, France, 6 November, Lake Damita struck a rock and was grounded. After several attempts to salvage her failed, she was turned over to the War Department to be sold.