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Growler II (Slp)

(Slp: t. 112; l. 64'; b. 20'4"; dph. 5'8"; a. 10 18-pdr. car., 1 6-pdr.)

A large-mouth black bass.


The second Growler was a sloop purchased on Lake Champlain in 1812. She cruised under the command of Lt. Sidney Smith as part of Commodore Macdonough's squadron until she was taken by the British near Isle Aux Noix, Canada, 3 June 1813. Growler was then taken into the Royal Navy as Shannon, and later Chub. Under the latter name she was captured by the American Squadron in the Battle of Lake Champlain 11 September 1814. She saw no further service, however, and was sold at Whitehall, N.Y. in July 1815.

Published: Mon Jul 13 17:39:19 EDT 2015