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(SP: l. 172'; b. 23'3"; dr. 12'; cpl. 63; a. 2 3")

A crown; also, the irregularly luminous envelope surrounding the sun, beyond the chromosphere.

Corona (No. 813) was built in 1905 by Hawthorne & Co., Leith, Scotland; purchased by the Navy 10 June 1917; commissioned at New York 20 July 1917, Lieutenant L. M. Stevens in command; and reported to Patrol Force, Atlantic Fleet.

Corona departed New York City 31 July 1917 for St. John's, Newfoundland, the Azores, and Brest, France, where she arrived 30 August. She escorted convoys and patrolled in the English Channel and off the west coast of France, based on Brest, until the end of World War I.

Corona sailed from Brest 5 December 1918 for New London, Conn., arriving 28 December. In reserve at New London until 5 May 1919, she sailed then for New York City, arriving 6 May. Corona was decommissioned 17 May 1919, and sold 1 October 1921.

Published: Mon Jul 06 07:25:24 EDT 2015