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Callao I (Gunboat)

(PG: dp. 243; l. 121'; b. 17'10"; dr. 6'6"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 31; a. 4 3-pdr. rf., 2 1-pdr. rf.)

Spanish name retained; a seaport in Peru.


The first Callao was built at Cavite as a Spanish gunboat; captured in Manila Bay 12 May 1898; immediately put in service, Lieutenant B. Tappan in command; and commissioned 2 July 1898, Lieutenant Tap-pan remaining in command.

Callao served through the remainder of the Spanish-American War as tender to Admiral G. Dewey's flagship Olympia. Until decommissioned for repairs at Cavite 21 February 1901, she ranged throughout the Philippines, patrolling to suppress smuggling, covering Army scouting parties operating against insurgents, transporting troops, and firing on insurgent positions.

Upon her recommissioning 20 December 1902, Callao carried supplies among the Philippines until February 1903, when she arrived at Hong Kong to begin 13 years of service patrolling the coast and rivers of China. Along with her participation in the exercises, maneuvers, and visits of the Asiatic Fleet, she gave essential protection to American citizens and interests, often threatened by political disturbance in volatile China. She was decommissioned at Hong Kong 31 January 1916, and next sailed for Olongapo, Luzon, where she laid up. Classified PG-37 on 17 July 1920, she was redesignated and returned to service as YFB-11 in June 1921, and served in the 16th Naval District as a ferryboat until sold at Manila 13 September 1923.

Published: Mon Feb 29 15:11:24 EST 2016