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Bass II (SSK-2)

(SSK-2: dp. 765 (surf.), 1,160 (subm.); l. 196'; b. 24'7"; dr. 14'5"; s. 13 k. (surf.), 8.5 k. (subm.); cpl. 37; a. 4 21" tt.; cl. K-1)

Bass is an edible, spiny-finned fish.




The second Bass (SSK-2) was laid down as K-2 on 23 February 1950 at Vallejo, Calif., by the Mare Island Naval Shipyard; launched on 2 May 1951; sponsored by Mrs. Imogene St. Clair Crane; and commissioned on 16 November 1951, Lt. Comdr. Davis E. Bunting in command.

Following intensive shakedown training out of San Diego, the new hunter killer submarine reported for duty to her home port, Pearl Harbor. Smaller than conventional submarines, K-2 was one of a class of three designed as antisubmarine submarines. The latest electronic devices were housed in the ship's bulging box like bow, enabling her to detect and destroy other submarines while remaining undetected herself. K-2's first year was devoted to the evaluation and testing of her material and operational capabilities as well as to the determination of her limitations.

On 12 January 1953, the submarine entered the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for a restricted availability during which all of her equipment installations were completed. On 19 June, K-2 returned to sea to develop warfare tactics during coordinated operations with other ships and submarines of the fleet. The submarine returned to Mare Island in January 1955 to begin her first regular overhaul since commissioning. K-2 departed the shipyard on 26 July for a cruise to Mazatlan, Mexico, before returning to Pearl Harbor. From 25 August until 11 June 1957, K 2 continued to provide submarine services and helped to develop antisubmarine warfare (ASW) techniques. On 15 December 1955, the submarine was assigned the name Bass.

Bass departed Pearl Harbor on 11 June 1957 for her new home port of San Diego for a three month tour involving further ASW training for west coast ships and submarines. On 1 October, the hunter killer submarine reported to the Pacific Reserve Fleet at Mare Island for inactivation. Bass was decommissioned on 20 December 1957 and was berthed at Mare Island. She was redesignated SS-551 in August 1959, but never saw further service. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 April 1965, and she was sold to the National Metal and Steel Corp. on 17 November 1966 for scrapping.

Mary P. Walker

27 February 2006


Published: Wed Jun 24 07:26:59 EDT 2015