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Logistics section page 78    
Caption: Seabees of Mobile Construction Battalion 62 survey the approach to the new Dong Ha Bridge under construction in the Quang Tri Province in 1969. (National Archives and Records Administration)


Build, Repair, Defend: The Seabees in Vietnam

Navy Construction Battalions (CBs or Seabees) built, repaired, and maintained military facilities throughout Vietnam. They worked on boat ramps, hangars, helicopter pads, runways, piers, fuel storage tanks, and more. To win the support of local people, they built houses, schools, hospitals, and wells. True to the motto, "We build, We fight," one Seabee remembered: "If you didn't get a rocket at least once or twice a week, you felt left out. They were always shooting at us." From 1965 to mid-1968, over 10,000 Seabees served in-country.