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Naval History and Heritage Command

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

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  • Vietnam Conflict 1962-1975
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  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum

<p>Page 48 knife artifact</p>
Caption: A-4 Skyhawk pilot Lieutenant Commander Jim Reid carried this knife during his missions over Vietnam. Knives like this one could cut parachute rigging or jungle growth. Jim Reid remembered that he wanted a knife “that wasn’t too long, because I’m a relatively short man,” and he wanted his knife to be sharp enough to cut through his parachute harness if he ever had to eject from his aircraft. With a slightly curved blade that was razor sharp, Reid referred to this knife as the “short man’s machete.” (Gift of Jim Reid)

<p>Page 49 logbook</p>
Caption: Lieutenant Bob Ponton served as a bombardier/navigator. His flight log contains records of the type of aircraft flown, mission times, and the “traps” (landings). Ponton used green ink to mark combat missions. (Gift of Bob Ponton)
Published: Thu May 27 04:16:16 EDT 2021