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HRNM Outreach Volunteer Photo-Zac-Library Program 
Caption: Pictured is one of our staff members conducting an educational program.

Outreach Assistant

Outreach Assistants present the museum’s educational programs to K-12 students. Outreach Assistants increase accessibility of U.S. naval history though sharing information, leading activities, making connections, and answering questions in a friendly and engaging manner. Outreach assistants advance HRNM’s mission by promoting public awareness, appreciation, and preservation of U.S. naval history.

You can view the position description below or you can download and save the PDF position description here: Outreach Assistant. 

To request an application, contact our volunteer coordinator, Darcy Sink at or call (757) 322-2992. 

Title: Outreach Assistant

Commitment: Two shifts (+) per month requested, particularly in the Spring

Supervisor: School Programs Educator


● Learn the content of the museum’s education programs through training and ongoing professional development.

● Develop an educational, interactive, and engaging presentation style for diverse groups of K-12 students.

● Gauge and adapt to students’ interests and needs (e.g. by adjusting program length, content, or style) balanced with presenting content required by state SOLs to ensure a positive educational experience.

● Serve as a museum ambassador in the community by maintaining awareness of HRNM’s programs and initiatives and promoting as appropriate.

● Participate in occasional workshops, lectures, and field trips offered by the museum as well as independent reading and study to improve knowledge and interpretation.

● Accept shifts in advance and record hours after each assignment.


Outreach Assistants must be able to:

● Communicate effectively with K-12 students in large and small groups.

● Present multiple programs in a single day.

● Maintain a clean and professional appearance.

● Connect museum’s laptop to a variety of classroom technology and troubleshoot technical issues.

● Physically stand and move around for multiple 45 to 60-minute class periods with only short breaks in between.

● Abide by all museum policies and procedures.

Training, Support, and Benefits:

● Education program outlines; access to research library and digital resources

● One-on-one training and shadowing with School Programs Educator and other Educators

● Continuing education and feedback; reciprocal admission to area museums


Outreach Assistants are scheduled for a full school day of programs, typically between 7am and 3pm. A minimum of two shifts per month, particularly in the Spring, is requested.



Application Procedure

Complete online application here. Direct inquiries to our volunteer coordinator, Darcy Sink at (757) 322-2992 or via email at HRNM complies with EEOC guidelines. 

Published: Fri Aug 18 11:04:57 EDT 2023