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Page 55 search and rescue
Caption: Search and Rescue (SAR) teams were critical to support Task Force 77’s daily routine of flight sorties. Whether a pilot was shot down by enemy fire or a Sailor fell overboard, these crews stood ready to respond. SAR teams recovered over 50% of the 912 naval personnel downed between June 1964 and November 1968. During Operation Linebacker, fleet SAR units rescued another thirty naval air crew members. In this photo, a helicopter picks up Aviation Jet Mechanic Third Class Joseph Keola after he was blown overboard by a jet blast on USS Constellation (CVA 64) in September 1966. (Naval History and Heritage Command)


Helicopter Support

An icon of the Vietnam War, the helicopter was used by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Helicopters supported intelligence gathering, amphibious landings, search and rescue, riverine operations, medical evacuations, and underway replenishment.

Published: Wed Jun 09 15:28:12 EDT 2021