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<p>Riverines page 62 top</p>
Caption: The Navy's Patrol Boat River (PBR) earned fame as the principal fighting vessel of the River Patrol Force. The PBR was thirty-one feet long with a lightweight fiberglass hull. The boat's 2'2" draft and diesel engine-powered Jacuzzi water jet propulsion provided speed and maneuverability. The four-man crew defended the boat with .50-cabier and M60 machine guns, grenade launchers, rifles, and shotguns. More than 250 PBRs patrolled the rivers and canals of Vietnam. In this photo, two PBRs patrol the Long Tau River, the main supply route to the port of Saigon in 1966. (Naval History and Heritage Command)

<p>Riverines page 62 bottom</p>
Caption: Navy PBR crew members from River Section 535 inspect identification papers of a Vietnamese boatman while patrolling a narrow canal off the Bassac River in January 1968. (National Archives and Records Administration)
Published: Thu May 06 01:24:53 EDT 2021