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Riverines page 72 top image
Caption: Swift boat Sailors fire at enemy positions during a SEALORDS raid in November 1968. (Naval History and Heritage Command

Riverines page 73 top image 
Caption: An ASPB speeds along a waterway with guns at the ready in 1968. (Naval History and Heritage Command)

Riverines page 74 top image 
Caption: Sailors and Soldiers of the Mobile Riverine Force watch an Army medevac helicopter lift off with a wounded Soldier along the Vam Co Tay River in 1969. (Naval History and Heritage Command)

Riverines page 74 garrett county
Caption: USS Garrett County (LST 786) serves as a mobile base for PBRs and HAL-3 Seawolves while at anchor in the Co Chien River in June 1968. (National Archives and Records Administration)

Riverines page 75 image
Caption: PBR crewmembers man their weapons during a mission on the rivers in 1969. Engineman Larry Weatherall remembered life on a PBR: "Combat is different when you're out on the river. You're out on patrol, looking for contraband on boats, when all of a sudden POW! Somebody's shooting a you. You have no idea where it's coming from. All you can hear was the crack, and the bullet going by and the boom! What else can you do? You can't hit the deck; you're on a fiberglass boat. It's not going to stop anything! Your first firefight, if you don't know it's coming, you cannot prepare for it. All you do is react. Your reaction hopefully follows the training at that point." (National Records and Archives Administration)
Published: Thu May 06 02:15:33 EDT 2021