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  • Vietnam Conflict 1962-1975
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  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Riverines page 67 bottom artifact
Caption: This armor-piercing B-40 rocket, fired from a shoulder-held ant-tank weapon, was extremely effective against the Navy's riverine forces. The weapon was lightweight and required minimal training. This fragment is what remains of the B-40 rocket that hit Ron Wolin's patrol boat during the Tet Offensive. He remembered, "Everyone on the boat was wounded from small arms and the rocket....I had shrapnel in my legs and a concussion." (On loan from Ronald Wolin)

Riverines page 67 RC cola artifact
Caption: AS the Navy limited the flow of supplies, the Viet Cong often turned any available material into deadly weapons. The VC made thsi soda can into a homemade hand grenade. (On loan from Naval History and Heritage Command)
Published: Wed Jun 09 15:49:09 EDT 2021