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Caption: Aviation Ordnancemen Roblee and Williams from VA-94 load Mk 52 sea mines onto an A-7 Corsair II aboard USS Coral Sea (CVA 43). They are preparing the aircraft to take part in the Operation Pocket Money mining of Haiphong on May 9, 1972. (National Archives and Records Administration)


The War Goes On

Despite the draw-down of U.S. forces, the U.S. Navy fought hard to stem the Communist Easter Offensive that began on March 30, 1972. U.S. surface ships fired on North Vietnamese divisions attacking Hue. Flying an average of 4,000 attack sorties each month, naval aircraft helped halt the North Vietnamese advance. As part of Operation Linebacker, Navy and Air Force pilots bombed North Vietnamese targets and provided close-air support to South Vietnamese troops. In Operation Pocket Money, Navy planes also dropped magneticacoustic sea mines to block approaches to Haiphong, North Vietnam’s chief port.