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<p>VC handmade pistol</p>
Caption: The Viet Cong made many small arms by hand, such as this 9mm pistol captured in 1966. (On loan from Naval History and Heritage Command)


<p>VC hat</p>
Caption: Viet Cong fighters and civilian non-combatants often wore this type of hat, along with black trousers and a shirt as their “uniform.” One veteran remembered, “It was a scary kind of thing. You never knew the good guys from the bad guys.” (On loan from Naval History and Heritage Command)


<p>Intel Page 0A-reload-banner-V3</p>
Caption: American forces captured this Viet Cong propaganda banner in 1970. The banner’s message translates to: “We are ready to defeat any night ambush from the RVN [South Vietnamese] stubborn servants.” (On loan from Naval History and Heritage Command)
Published: Mon Jun 14 12:54:58 EDT 2021